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Chapter 5

I spent many years after being saved focused on what I thought I needed to do instead of who God was and what He had done. As a result my life was like the tide....close to God and then far away....I made lots of mistakes and went down many wrong roads before I was finally discipled and taught Who God is. I think is an important chapter for a follower if Christ to understand, in verses 15-17 Paul uses the words "free gift" five times!
We do nothing for this gift. No purchase nesassary, no relationship, no friendship, no action on our part. It is a free gift given to us...(besides turning to Him and accepting it of course)
I was thinking this week about when I give someone a gift and how important their response is to me...so how do I respond to God's gift to me?  I desire to respond on daily basis to Him who gave me this amazing free gift...that I did not earn or deserve.

My prayer is to remember it daily and give Him praise and glory and joy.

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