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You can easily customize your message using simple formatted tags, often referred to as BBCode. BBCode is based on the same principal of, and is very similar to HTML code. This forum supports many types of BBCode. Jump to a particular section from the list below:

Styling text

The following tags can be used to change the appearance of text:

[b]Bold text[/b] produces Bold text
[u]Underlined text[/u] produces Underlined text
[i]Italic text[/i] produces Italic text
[color=#FF0000]Red text[/color] produces Red text
[color=blue]Blue text[/color] produces Blue text

Nesting tags

Tags can also be "nested" to create more advanced formatting. For example:

    [b][u]Bold, underlined text[/u][/b] produces Bold, underlined text

Including links and images

You can create links to other documents or to e-mail addresses using the following tags:

[url=https://womenintheword.boardhost.com/]Women in the Word[/url] produces Women in the Word
[url]https://womenintheword.boardhost.com/[/url] produces https://womenintheword.boardhost.com/
[email]myname@mydomain.com[/email] produces myname@mydomain.com
[email=myname@mydomain.com]My e-mail address[/email] produces My e-mail address

If you want to display an image you can use the "img" tag.

[img]https://images.boardhost.com/shuttle.jpg[/img] produces:  

Including videos

You can easily include any video from YouTube.com in a posting. To include a video, simply enclose the URL of the video in the "video" tag. You can obtain the URL from your address bar, or by copying the link after clicking on YouTube's "share" button.

For example, to include a video of the space shuttle launch, you would include the following code:


which produces this:

Including quotes

If you want to quote someone, you should use the quote tag.

    [quote=James]This is the text i want to quote.[/quote]

produces a quote box like this:

James wrote:

This is the text i want to quote.

If you don't want to quote anyone in particular, you can use the quote tag without specifying a name.

    [quote]This is the text i want to quote.[/quote]

produces a quote box like this:

This is the text i want to quote.

Including spoilers

Typing something that might ruin the surprise for someone who doesn't already know? Use a "spoiler" box:

    [spoiler]Shhhh.. this is a secret![/spoiler]

produces a spoiler box like this:

Shhhh.. this is a secret!

Making a list

The list tag will allow you to include a formal list of bulleted items.

    [*] Item 1
    [*] Item 2
    [*] Item 3

produces the following output:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Including code

When including any type of source code or other text that could benefit from a monospaced font, you can use the "code" tag.

    [code]This is some code.[/code]

produces a code box like this:

This is some code.

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