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Bible Study » Exodus Overview » 1/07/2015 8:36 am

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Exodus 3
When God called Moses to deliver the Israelites, Moses doubted himself. How many times have we (I) done that! God assured Moses that He would be with him. We must not forget that God is with us. God promised that he would deliver his people. Throughtout scripture we see God making promises. He ALWAYS delivers. When He makes a promise, we can trust that it is true. We can have confidence in HIM. 

Bible Study » Weekly Discussion: Exodus Chapters 1-5 » 1/05/2015 8:58 am

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I can't help but to imagine what the midwives were thinking after Pharaoh commaned them to kill the baby boys. The courage the women had to fear God more than a king is amazing. I know there have been times I have feared man over God in small things. This is so encouraging to always trust and fear God over man. God blessed the midwives for fearing him. 

Introductions » Let's introduce oursleves. » 12/30/2014 8:29 am

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Hello! I am 26 and a stay at home wife. My husband and I recently moved from my home state to his home state. We have two dogs, Commodore and Lola and two cats, Ruban and Millie.

The move rocked my world as I left my family and friends and the place I have lived my whole life. It has been a very rough but very wonderful year. God had his hand in this for sure. I certainly have not had the best walk with God in my life but the move factored in with some other things brought me to my knees and I am saying yes Lord I will follow you!

I have never done an online Bible study and I read the GMG blog all the time so I thought I would try it out.

Be blessed!

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