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Bible Study » 1 Samuel » 1/09/2017 7:52 pm

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S: (1:17) "I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him."

O: Hannah prayed in faith and recognized that God had answered her prayers.

A: Prayer is always a correct path to take. We should always take everything to God in prayer. Besides He has all the answers, so we can pray to Him in faith. How often to we stop there? Do we really recognize how God is working and answering our prayers. Are we looking for the answer to our prayers to come?

K: Lord, help me to be a prayer warrior who pours out my heart to you like Hannah did. Help me to pray in faith as I seek your will and recognize your answers. I may not always receive the answer that I want, but I know that your way is always right. Your love is unfailing and beyond my understanding.

Introductions » Introductions for 2017 » 1/09/2017 7:10 am

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Hi. My name is Paula and I'm from North Carolina. I'm married with 2 teenage daughters and I work full time. Life is busy, but God is in control of it all. I have a monthly ladies Bible study in my home and I'm looking for time to keep digging deeper into God's Word.
This is my first GMG study so I'm looking forward to this!

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