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7/10/2016 6:45 pm  #1

Week of July 11, 2016

Week of July 11
This Week’s Reading Assignment

The group discussion thread is under Bible Study » Ecclesiastes.
S.O.A.K. any verse of your choosing.

Reading: Ecclesiastes 8:1-9
Good Morning Girls: Introduction to the Week
Verse of the Day: Ecclesiastes 8:1
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
Have you ever been under the authority of someone that you did not agree with – perhaps a boss, pastor, elder, professor or civil leader? How did you handle the situation and what was the outcome?

Reading: Ecclesiastes 8:10-17
Verse of the Day: Romans 14:12
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
Whether our lives are just or unjust, as we await the return of Jesus, how does Solomon tell us to live and respond to the days of life that God has given to us under the sun?  How are you living this out in your life?
Reading: Ecclesiastes  9:1-9
Verse of the Day: Matthew 5:45
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
Even though life is difficult and death is certain, how does Solomon encourage us to live our lives while alive on this earth according to Ecclesiastes 9:7-9? Are you doing these things? Why or why not?

Reading: Ecclesiastes 9:10-18
Verse of the Day: Ecclesiastes 9:17
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
Look at Ecclesiastes 9:17.  What is the wise way and how is it better? How can you apply this to your life?

Reading: Ecclesiastes 10:1-9
Verse of the Day: Proverbs 14:34
Good Morning Girls: Devotional Video
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
What practical advice does Solomon give in verse 4 in dealing with the anger of a foolish ruler?  How does this apply to us when someone is angry with us?


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