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July 18, 2016

Week of July 18
This Week’s Reading Assignment

The group discussion thread is under Bible Study » Ecclesiastes.
S.O.A.K. any verse of your choosing.

Reading: Ecclesiastes 10:10-20
Good Morning Girls: Introduction to the Week
Verse of the Day: Ecclesiastes 12:13
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
Look at Ecclesiastes 10:10. What happens when an ax is not sharp and how does wisdom help? Do you have something in your life where you need to work smarter not harder?

Reading: Ecclesiastes 11:1-5
Verse of the Day: 2 Corinthians 9:6
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
What kind of excuses do we often make for not serving the Lord, for not sowing and trusting God for the harvest?
Reading: Ecclesiastes 11:6-10
Verse of the Day: Philippians 4:6
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
We have seen in Ecclesiastes 11 that Solomon has encouraged us to enjoy every season of life right where we are. What has been your favorite season and why?

Reading: Ecclesiastes 12:1-8
Verse of the Day: Ecclesiastes 12:8
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
Do you struggle with the aging process and in what ways and why?

Reading: Ecclesiastes 12:9-14
Verse of the Day: Proverbs 12:14
Good Morning Girls: Devotional Video
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
What have you learned about life from reading Ecclesiastes?

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