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Week of December 5, 2016

Week of December 5
This Week’s Reading Assignment
The group discussion thread is under Bible Study » Judges.
S.O.A.K. any verse of your choosing.

Reading: Judges 6
Verse of the Day: Judges 6:23
Good Morning Girls: Introduction to the Week
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Gideon asked God to show him a sign that God was truly wanting him to go into battle for His people. Name a time, when you have questioned God. What was His response to you?

Reading: Judges 7
Verse of the Day: Judges 7:15
Optional GMG Discussion Question: God can make great things happen even out of the smallest of things. He does this to remind us that He is with us. How does this bring encouragement to you today and the situations you are facing?

Reading: Judges 8
Verse of the Day: Judges 8:23
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Even after all God had done, the people still longed for a leader. Gideon refused, reminding them that God alone was their ruler. In what ways do you find it hard to let God be the ruler of your life?

Reading: Judges 9
Verse of the Day: Judges 9:10
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Abimelech rose up over God’s people using power and influence. Yet, in the end, God caused him to fail. This reminds us that God is always in control. How does this bring you comfort today?

Reading: Judges 10
Verse of the Day: Judges 10:10
Good Morning Girls: Devotional and Video
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Once again, Israel was overtaken because they had turned their backs on God and instead chose to worship false gods. Has God ever revealed to you, that you were placing other gods before Him?


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