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Week of January 9, 2017

Week of January 9
This Week’s Reading Assignment
The group discussion thread is under Bible Study » 1 Samuel.
S.O.A.K. any verse of your choosing.

Reading: 1 Samuel 1
Verse of the Day: 1 Samuel 1:17
Good Morning Girls: Introduction to the Week
Optional GMG Discussion/ Personal Reflection Question: Hannah poured her soul out before the Lord passionately, in silent prayer. Who or what is on your heart today that needs your fervent prayers? Pause now and silently lay your requests before the Lord.

Reading: 1 Samuel 2
Verse of the Day: 1 Samuel 2:2
Optional GMG Discussion Question: After God answered Hannah’s prayers for a son, she praised God and was full of thanksgiving.Take a moment and share a praise. What prayer request has God answered for you?

Reading: 1 Samuel 3
Verse of the Day: 1 Samuel 3:9
Optional GMG Discussion Question: God called Samuel three times before Samuel recognized God’s voice. We must be listening to God, as we read His Word. Share a verse or passage of scripture that means a lot to you because God has clearly spoken to you through it.

Reading: 1 Samuel 4
Verse of the Day: 1 Samuel 4:5
Optional GMG Discussion/Personal Reflection Question: Israel expected a victory because the ark was with them but their disobedience led to defeat. God is always with you and wants to give you victory but sin holds us back. Confess here below, any sin that is holding you back today.

Reading: 1 Samuel 5
Verse of the Day: 1 Samuel 5:2-3
Good Morning Girls: Devotional and Video
Optional GMG Discussion Question: False gods will always fail before the One True God! One day every knee will bow to Him. How does this bring you comfort to see the power of your God displayed in 1 Samuel 5?

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