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1/17/2017 11:34 am  #1

2017 Praise Reports

Ok, so thanks to kathielee, let's start sharing some of our God Moments.

So, as I said in my 1 Samuel 7 SOAK, my small group is studying the idea of focusing each day on doing the will of God and looking at all the other things we have to do through the day or week in light of how they contribute to doing the will of God.

So, I had some foster kids last week that took more energy and effort and a lot of patience dealing with disobedience.Normally, I would start my own pity party about how I don't like this, how I don't enjoy this and how I don't want to do this.

But this study focusing on God's will shaped my response and attitude. God just really spoke to me through that and helped me have the right perspective of doing the unpleasant things with joy because it is contributing to the accomplishment of His will.And really, I was able to embrace and appreciate the joy of experience. Seeking God's will helped to keep me patient to focus on the perspective that what God wants is to use me to help this child right now and to show her love until we can get some of these issues resolved or get her moved to a permanent placement.

It was a real turning point for me in being open to whatever situation God brings to us with the foster journey.Over the next several months, share some of your God Moments.


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