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Week of January 23, 2017

Week of January 23
This Week’s Reading Assignment
The group discussion thread is under Bible Study » 1 Samuel.
S.O.A.K. any verse of your choosing.

Reading: 1 Samuel 11
Verse of the Day: 1 Samuel 11:7
Good Morning Girls: Introduction to the Week
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Though Israel was scared, they feared disobeying God more than they feared their enemies. Who do you tend to fear more, God or man? Why?

Reading: 1 Samuel 12
Verse of the Day: 1 Samuel 12:24
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Samuel reminded Israel to serve God faithfully because God had done great things for them. What great things has God done for you and how does that motivate you to serve God more?

Reading: 1 Samuel 13
Verse of the Day: 1 Samuel 13:14
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Saul had a heart that reflected Israel’s heart rather than God’s. A man after God’s own heart, honors God above all. God is still looking for men and women who honor him first. How is your heart today?

Reading: 1 Samuel 14
Verse of the Day: 1 Samuel 14:6
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Jonathan knew the odds were against him but he believed with the help of God, he could have victory. The only thing that hinders God is unbelief. Have you made God too small in your life? In what area do you need to trust God more?

Reading: 1 Samuel 15
Verse of the Day: 1 Samuel 15:22
Good Morning Girls: Devotional and Video
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Saul’s sacrifices meant little because he had a disobedient heart. Have you ever been tempted to give money or serve God rather than obey Him? How is this type of relationship with God empty?

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