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Week of June 5, 2017

Week of June 5
This Week’s Reading Assignment

S.O.A.K. any verse of your choosing.
The group discussion thread is under Bible Study » 2 Samuel.

Reading: 2 Samuel 1
Verse of the Day: 2 Samuel 1:17
Optional GMG Discussion/ Personal Reflection Question: David felt deep sorrow over the death of Saul and Jonathan and he lamented.  One-third of the Psalms are lamentations. Have you learned to lament?
Much of a Christian’s prayer time consists of praise, confession, petitions and thanksgiving.  But God wants us to take our grief, sorrows and pain to him also. He knows of your suffering and losses – He is there for you when you cry.  Is there something that is hurting you today?  Take it to the Lord in prayer and write your lamentation below.

Reading: 2 Samuel 2
Verse of the Day: 2 Samuel 2:1
Optional GMG Discussion/ Personal Reflection Question: David constantly inquired of the Lord for direction.  He wanted to be right in the center of God’s will.
God has a plan for your life too. His will is that you obey Him. He will never lead you to disobedience of His Word.  But is there a decision for your life, that you need to inquire of the Lord about?  Ask Him now.

Remember God is for you.  If you are truly seeking His will, you can trust Him as He guides you.

Reading: 2 Samuel 3
Verse of the Day: 2 Samuel 3:1
Optional GMG Discussion/ Personal Reflection Question: In Israel’s history, Israel always prevailed when God was with them and they failed when God was not with them.  Saul’s house relied on human methods and strategies but David depended on God.  David prevailed.
Like David, we can overcome the giants in our life when we depend on the Lord. The more we depend on God, the stronger we become.  In what area of your life do you need to stop strategizing and start depending on God?

Reading: 2 Samuel 4
Verse of the Day: 2 Samuel 4:9
Optional GMG Discussion/ Personal Reflection Question: 2 brothers sought to be rewarded by David, for murdering the son of Saul.  Rather than being rewarded, they were punished by being put to death.  David brought swift justice showing his loyalty to both God and Saul’s house. 
The 2 brothers in this story thought they were doing good.  They thought David would be pleased and perhaps that they would be closer to David as a result.  But they were wrong.  Have you ever used gossip – which harms another – in hopes of building a deeper relationship with a friend? In what ways is it harmful and how can you be on guard against this temptation in your life?

Reading: 2 Samuel 5
Verse of the Day: 2 Samuel 5:10
Optional GMG Discussion/ Personal Reflection Question: David did not start out great.  He went through many trials and difficulties, as God prepared him for his role as King.  David became great because the Lord, the God of hosts, was with him.
Very few are overnight successes.  There is a price for greatness and it often includes pain and difficulty, as God prepares us for the role he has for us. What difficulty have you been through, that you know God allowed to happen to you, to prepare you or strengthen you, for something greater?


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