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9/17/2014 7:57 pm  #11

Re: 2 Peter

2 Peter 2-3
Oh, 2 Peter is good stuff! I love 2 Peter. It is so direct. As TBG stated, we are a very "me centric" society - in and out of the church. 2 Peter reminds us where that attitude can lead. And it's very easy to begin to slide in that direction as there are always folk who will encourage you in your slide! But it describes this corrupt desire of the flesh as being like unreasoning animals. We are better than that with God's help.

I believe the false prophets can sneak up on you as a Christian if you are only listening and semi-worshipping your pastor. But if you keep your focus in the word, I think you'll recognize it. I once belonged to a wonderful church. I learned so much there and the pastor was truly annointed by God. But as the church grew and expanded things started to change. And it didn't sit well with my spirit. Eventually, I left that church, and it has since "fallen from glory". I often think back to how much I grew spiritually when the pastor was allowing himself to be used by God. 

These days you can go to church and rarely open the Bible. It's projected on a screen for you. Or it's printed out on a handout for you to take notes. Those are good things. But, I like to pull out my notes later when I'm home and read for myself exactly what the Bible says. I expect it to line up. And it usually does. But, I think we get to know our Bible better by thumbing through and looking up verses and such. 

Lastly, we are reminded of the last days, and not to be swayed by people planting seeds about why it's taking so long! Our time is not like God's time. And we don't need to be worried about that. We do need to be mindful and stay prepared. We all want God to be pleased with our efforts.

Again, good stuff. I feel encouraged 


9/17/2014 8:17 pm  #12

Re: 2 Peter

S...11 Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness 14 Therefore, beloved, looking forward to these things, be diligent to be found by Him in peace, without spot and blameless 15 and consider that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation

O... *We are always in a rush, especially in our culture.  But God is not bound by time.  He has a perfect plan and we cannot force His timing.
*Who ought I to be?  He will come when we least expect it, so we should be ready, busy about the Father's business...not our own.
*Because of what we know, we have much to look forward to....but be sure to be diligent about doing what He has asked.
*Longsuffering IS salvation...we may think it is is slackness, but God has purpose in His timing and has reason for waiting.
*You know the truth, so be in the Word so as not to be led astray by error of the wicked.

A...1.  Be in the Word!  You can't know truth if you don't spend time reading it.
      2.  What will I be doing when Jesus returns?I want to make sure I am busy doing His work.
      3.  God has gven me discernment...be in the Word so that gift can be used to discern truth.

P...God, You are coming again and I don't want to be found walking in the flesh when you arrive.  You've given me all I need to walk with You...help me to put it into action continually.

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9/19/2014 7:05 am  #13

Re: 2 Peter

itsjenniferrose wrote:

2 Peter 2-3

When you seek the truth and know the truth in your heart, you won't be lead by false teachers. I've always taken notice what doesn't sit well with me and want does, although I might not always act on it. Something to be alert to for sure. As TGB and sweetlight touches on, it's so true that when I'm not in the word and praying, I definitely notice a difference in my day to day.

Yes, I have noticed that with the government during more for less and having to deal with the challenging at work on a daily basis, when I have my scripture studying prior to work, it makes a significant difference. Sometime, I will study at night but i really need it in the morning. It makes a significant difference in my day. Amen!


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