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11/03/2014 8:51 am  #31

Re: Genesis Part 2

Chapter 34-35
Don't much know what to say.  Except that we see in Chapter 35 that Jacob had to tell them to get rid of their idols.  Perhaps this explains the behavior in Chapter 34.  Although what was done to Dinah was wrong killing all the men of the city and plundering their wives and possessions was an overreaction that was not just.  It appears Jacob's sons were not really focused on honoring God or seeking God's wisdom.  At this time perhaps only Jacob really had a relationship with God.  Did he not share his faith with his kids, or did they just choose not to embrace it?

Another good lesson is to see that God needs to be our personal God because of the intimacy of our personal relationship and daily walk with Him.  We should not rely on the faith of our family or tradition or even just the community of our church, but we need an intimate and personal communion with God.


11/04/2014 5:13 pm  #32

Re: Genesis Part 2

TBG wrote:

itsjenniferrose wrote:

I'll be jumping In with the next book! I can't do genesis! Not really connecting with it lol

Ha, ha.  I was not initially too excited about reading Genesis either.  Then I decided I would use it to look for indications of God's character and to look for lessons I can learn through the mistakes and good choices of the characters.

Lol same here but I've been kept pretty interested by the jealosly, betrayal and favoritism that I previously overlooked


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