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1/26/2015 12:45 pm  #21

Re: Weekly Discussion: Exodus Chapters 11-15

itsjenniferrose wrote:

A - I have a hard time of just letting go and letting God. I get all up in my head and think I have to figure it all out, instead of standing still and letting God handle it.

K - God help us to be of great faith even during times of uncertainty. And to simply let you handle life's stumbling blocks and road blocks. Help us to let you carry our burdens. And lastly, thank you for your grace when we don't have much faith. You still protect and deliver us. Thank you, Jesus, amen.

Amen.  This is so true.  I struggle with that as well.  One of the verses I love so much is when Jesus ask a father whose son needed healing if he believed the man replied, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” Mark 9:24.  But Jesus did not rebuke him, he instead did heal his son.  I love that. You are so right that God has grace when our faith falters.


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