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Week of July 4, 2016

Week of July 4
This Week’s Reading Assignment

The group discussion thread is under Bible Study » Ecclesiastes.
S.O.A.K. any verse of your choosing.

Reading: Ecclesiastes 5:1-7
Good Morning Girls: Introduction to the Week
Verse of the Day: Matthew 6:24
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
Do you have a dream? What is it? Have you asked God what His will is for that dream?
Before entering the house of God, how do you prepare yourself for corporate worship?

Reading: Ecclesiastes 5:8-20
Verse of the Day: 1 Timothy 6:10
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
Have you inappropriately sought prosperity? What has been your attitude about prosperity? Do you think prosperity guarantees a happy and satisfied life? What simple things do you enjoy in life?
Reading: Ecclesiastes 6:1-12
Verse of the Day: John 6:35
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
Are the people around you “happy?” What do you see the world chasing after? Has any of their thinking crept into yours and in what ways?

Reading: Ecclesiastes 7:1-13
Verse of the Day: 2 Timothy 4:7
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
Have you ever begun something that did not end well? What happened and what did you learn from your experience?

Reading: Ecclesiastes 7:14-29
Verse of the Day: Ecclesiastes 7:19
Good Morning Girls: Devotional Video
Optional GMG Discussion Question:
Are you overly sensitive to what others have said about you? Who in your life needs grace because of something they have said negatively about you?


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