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Week of August 8, 2016

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Week of August 8

This Week’s Reading Assignment

The group discussion thread is under Bible Study » James.
S.O.A.K. any verse of your choosing.

Reading: James 3:13-18
Verse of the Day: James 3:17
Good Morning Girls: Introduction to the Week
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Wisdom is a gift from God and reflect the character of God. It leads to godliness. Are you living wisely? In what areas of your life do you need more wisdom?

Reading: James 4:1-12
Verse of the Day: James 4:1
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Do you have a strained relationship with someone close to you in your life? Why is there tension between you two? In what ways can you safeguard yourself from confusing your own personal desires with God's desires?

Reading: James 4:13-17
Verse of the Day: James 4:17
Good Morning Girls: Devotional and Video
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Is there an area in your life where you know what to do but are not doing it? What changes do you need to make today to avoid sin in your life?

Reading: James 5:1-12
Verse of the Day: James 5:12
Optional GMG Discussion Question: A christian should be trustworthy and a person of their word. Do you struggle with keeping your word? Is there a promise you need to follow through on or someone you need to apologize to for a broken promise?

Reading: James 5:13-19
Verse of the Day: James 5:16
Good Morning Girls: Devotional and Video
Optional GMG Discussion Question: James tells us there is great power in the prayers of a righteous person. Have you neglected your prayer life? How have you seen the power of God displayed through your prayers?

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