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Week of September 19, 2016

Week of September 19
This Week’s Reading Assignment
The group discussion thread is under Bible Study » Joshua.
S.O.A.K. any verse of your choosing.

Reading: Joshua 11
Verse of the Day: Joshua 11:6
Good Morning Girls: Introduction to the Week
Optional GMG Discussion Question: After a long battle, there was peace for a season. Sometimes our journey may be long, but, at the end, there is always peace when we put God first. How does this bring you comfort in your current season of life?

Reading: Joshua 12
Verse of the Day: Joshua 12:7,24
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Today we revisited all the kings that God helped Moses and Joshua defeat. God has helped us defeat many things in our lives. What is one thing God has helped you defeat?

Reading: Joshua 13
Verse of the Day: Joshua 13:1
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Though they still did not have the land, Joshua had to show faith that they would by dividing out the unconquered land to the appropriate tribes. Name a time that God has had you step out in blind faith. How did it turn out?

Reading: Joshua 14
Verse of the Day: Joshua 14:8
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Caleb was given Hebron because he believed and trusted God fully even when others doubted. How does this remind you of your own Christian journey?

Reading: Joshua 15
Verse of the Day: Joshua 15:19
Good Morning Girls: Devotional and Video
Optional GMG Discussion Question: Achsah had a boldness about her just like her father. She wasn’t afraid to ask Caleb for what she and her husband needed. Is there something that you need and yet you haven’t asked another person or God for it? Do it today.

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